Using the Frequency Response List

Several of ScopeFIR's Specification Editors include a Frequency Response List, which is simply a list of filter response values at various frequencies. To see the response at a new frequency, simply enter the frequency value in the edit box on the top left and hit the Add button. (Each frequency must be specified in the same units as the Sampling Frequency.) After hitting Add, the frequency is added to the list on the left, and the magnitude response in dB appears in the corresponding entry in the list in the middle of the Frequency Response box.

You may also select any existing frequency or dB entry and hit the Delete button to remove it from the list.

You can remove all entries at once using the Reset button. You will then be prompted to confirm that you want to Reset.

If the Automatic option is enabled, ScopeFIR will show you the frequency magnitude response at zero and at half the Sampling Frequency, as well as various other frequencies that might be of particular intest relative to the selected Specification Editor. The Frequency Response List is refreshed whenever you Design or Import a filter.

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