ScopeFIR Design Types

ScopeFIR provides a variety of design types which allow you to design your FIR filter using a variety of FIR design algorithms and various kinds of specifications:

Simple Parks-McClellan

Uses the popular Parks-McClellan algorithm to design simple equi-ripple FIRs from just a few specifications

Advanced Parks-McClellan

Uses the Parks-McClellan algorithm to design sophisticated equi-ripple FIRs

Windowed Sinc

Designs FIRs by windowing a sinc function

Raised Cosine

Designs FIRs having the raised cosine and root-raised cosine characteristics required by many digital communications systems

Lth Band (Nyquist)

Designs FIRs whose coefficients have special properties that make them desirable in multirate applications.  Uses a variety of FIR design algorithms


Imports FIR filters for analysis, and generates simple "boxcar" (moving average) filters

Maximally Flat

Designs FIRs with maximally flat passbands and stopbands

Cascaded Integrator-Comb (CIC)

Designs CIC FIRs for hardware-based multirate applications

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